Specialists in precision machining of parts according to specifications
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Precision machining of parts according to specifications


At EGILE Mekanizatuak, we have been working in the field of precision machining of parts according to specifications for over 20 years. We have all the necessary production means and fully qualified personnel to offer you unbeatable standards of quality and service. Since we began in 1998, we have been continually evolving, improving our technology and implementing new working systems in order to offer a smooth, flexible service with exceptional quality standards.

We manufacture precision machined parts according to specifications

We have over 1200 m2 at your service, comprising the machining zone, the metrology room, offices, warehouse and the reception/dispatch of goods area. We also offer the chance to use a Kanban system, keeping stocks of finished parts in our warehouse and delivering as and when the client requires. All this endorses us as one of the leading companies in the precision machining sector in our geographical area.

Manufacture of CNC machined metal parts according to specifications

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